Bereavement Support

The following services are available to Oceanside residents who have lost a loved one.  All services are provided free-of-charge.

Individual Counselling

Counselling offers a confidential and supportive way for people to sort through their thoughts, feelings, and experiences as they deal with a death.

Grief Walking Group

The weekly walking group is open to anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one.  It is a time to walk and talk at a relaxed pace with others who are grieving, share ideas and support while benefiting from some fresh air and exercise.  Joining in on the walk are trained caring volunteers who provide a listening ear.  Each walk ends with tea and treats.  Once registered, people can attend on a drop-in basis.

New Beginnings Support Group

This is an on-going weekly group for people who have lost a spouse.  This group allows participants to share their experiences, feelings, and challenges around the loss and what they now face.  It is facilitated by a volunteer and guided by the group’s needs.  Once registered, people can attend on a drop-in basis.

Companioning in Grief and Loss Volunteers

The central role of the Grief Companion Volunteer is to provide a safe and non-judgmental listening space for people to acknowledge the reality of the loss, embrace pain, review memories and search for meaning, as they integrate the loss into their lives.  For more information on the Grief Companion Program, please click here.

Reiki and Healing Touch

Our volunteers with specialized training in Healing Touch/Reiki and gentle massage offer the bereaved or those going through cancer therapy a 45 minute treatment on Fridays at the Oceanside Hospice Centre for Palliative and Grief Support..

Hospice Lending Library

An extensive and up-to-date selection of books and DVDs dealing with grief and loss are available on loan from the Hospice Support Centre.  For more information, please click here.


Oceanside Hospice Society is proud to host Dr. Alan Wolfelt’s Griefwords Online Library.  Dr. Wolfelt is an author, educator and grief counselor, and is North America’s foremost resource for help in grieving.