Independent Fundraising


Each year, the community helps Oceanside Hospice Society raise funds for specialized programs and services.  Events are often initiated by individuals or groups in honour of a family member, friend, or co-worker who received care from Oceanside Hospice Society.  Each event demonstrates the spirit of generosity and commitment to quality end-of-life care in the community.


Events are created and managed by the independent fundraiser with proceeds directed to Oceanside Hospice Society.  We do not take an active role in planning or organizing your event; however, we will support it to ensure it success.


Independent Fundraising Event Information Application



Corporate Sponsorship

Are you a business owner or corporate officer who would like to make a difference in your community?  Is your company interested in corporate social responsibility? Discover how a partnership with Oceanside Hospice can help your company, the community and Oceanside Hospice!


Some opportunities that you might want to consider include:

  • Cash Donations
    Cash donations are always welcome and tax-deductible for your business.


  • Non-Cash Donations
    By donating a product or service to Oceanside Hospice, you save us valuable funds.


  • Payroll Giving
    Is Payroll giving an option at your place of work? Consider Oceanside Hospice as a charity of choice.


  • Sales Related Fundraising
    You could link your support to a product line or service giving a sales percentage to Oceanside Hospice.


  • Charity of the Year
    Consider nominating Oceanside Hospice as the charity benefiting from all your staff fundraising this year.


  • Event Sponsorship
    By sponsoring an event, you get your company logo displayed on the marketing and promotional material associated with the event.


  • Volunteers
    By nominating staff as volunteers to assist in a wide range of activities, you can develop your staff in a corporate social responsibility role that they may never have thought of doing themselves.


  • Network, Referrals, Testimonials
    Can you introduce us to colleagues or contacts who may be able to help?


  • Host a Third-Party Event
    Consider hosting your own event to benefit Oceanside Hospice.


Please contact Shianne at 250-752-6227 for more information.